2004 Texas Road House Cycling Team Rider Diaries

Eagle Creek “fast crit”7/9/2012
Eagle Creek “fast crit” Saturday July 7th 75 minute crit which was backed down to 60 because of the heat Lee, Boz, Nathaniel, Rolf, Mitchell and Baker Today was HOT! The race started out slow but things started to get moving when TRH started to attack. Each attack stayed away a little longer until we managed to break the field with Lee and me in a break of 10. After a few laps of all working together, about half of the break was getting tired so I attacked and Lee and two other guys came with. We rolled for a few more laps until one of the guys in the break was slowing us down so Lee attacked a couple of times and then the Nuvo guy attacked with me on his wheel and the two of us rolled away. We ended up lapping the field about 30 seconds before Lee and the other guy join. This was around 4 laps to go, so THR got on the front and started to drive the train. Boz started us with a monster pull and Baker finished the lead out on the last lap with another big effort. Lee was sweeping and Mitchell kept things moving. Nathaniel made some big moves early on. We started to get swamped a few times towards the end but Lee and I came in 2nd and 1st respectively. Mitchell was 10th.